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Economic Structure

Historical Development; the economy of our district was started with great dependence on agriculture like all country economies and then always have an important position in trade and service sectors. Now, there are important achievements in industrial and small industrial developments.

In districts, the families living villages make enough agriculture for themselves and in city, developed making or selling furniture, car repairing and small industry and fruit juice production ensure important gaining. Other than those, most of the public consists of civil servants, crafts and workers. Heavy industry and its subsidiary companies are newly developing.

Industry; in our district, there are institutions on food industry, cleaning industry materials and brick works. The furniture site in Siteler is a Middle East size site. Also in Siteler, there are some industrial areas like iron working area, New Industry, Great Industry and Ata industry areas. Although our district is not very big on the basis of surface area, it has a big worker capacity even serving for nearest districts.

Agriculture: Our district especially has hilly and bumpy field type and there are too little campaign areas and another important characteristic is that agriculture fields consist of lime soils.  This factor limited the agriculture works.

There is totally 8. 182 hectares agriculture field. 2. 816, 5 of this field arable agriculture land and sown agricultural area is 1. 369 hectares, fallowing land is 1. 355 hectares, yoke, fruit and vegetables area is 67. 5 hectares and grass – lea area is 1. 550 hectares.

In arable fields, corn agriculture, yoke and fruit works are performed. There too many grass and lea fields and so animal husbandry also has an important role. Forest field is 375 hectares. Important part of the agriculture consists of field agriculture. Second place is belongs to animal husbandry Grass and lea and production of feed vegetables are developed according to the animal husbandry. In the villages, families work on wheat, vetch, to lentil, bean and pepper agriculture.

Some parts of the corns are sold to T. M. O and traders. Fruits and vegetables produced are sold consumers and bulk suppliers in street markets. Some amount of them is used as conserve and drained. Also water melon and melon are cultivated.

Animal Husbandry: Now, animal husbandry has an important place in our country economy. There is an agriculture and credit cooperative in Karapürçek quarter in our district. Animal husbandry in our district can be divided to milk cattle breeding, nurture cattle breeding, sheep breeding and Angora goat breeding.

Milk cattle breeding is performed in a highly developed level. There is and nurture enterprise in our district about cattle animals breeding. It is trying to increase meat, milk and other animal productions by insemination and cattle race adjustments.



Intercommunication and Under Works
There is enough electricity in ever quarter of our district but there is a deficiency of drinking water. Especially the solution of water problem of slum house areas must be handled. About this subject, new water storage place determinations and constructions of them must be prevalence. The drinking water is not enough supplied Peçenek, kavaklı, Tatlar and Karacaören quarters in our district. Channelization problems in Karaköy and Aydınlık quarter must be urgently solved.

85 young students are educated in Aydınlıkevler and Seyfi Demirsoy baby farms in Altındağ Province.

34 young students are educated in Aydınlıkevler baby farm where there are 3 – 6 age group children. It consists of 3 classrooms, 2 sleeping rooms, 2 student WCs, 1 activity classroom, 1 administrative room, 1 scullery, 1 dining hall, 1 kitchen, 1 cleaning storage and laundry.

Seyfi Demirsoy baby farm where 51 students are educated, consists of 4 classrooms, 1 administrative room, 1 dining room, 1 kitchen, 1 student WC.

The meals cooked in Aydınlıkevler baby farm are prepared by considering 3 – 6 group children and the meals of Seyfi Demirsoy baby farms are also supplied from here. The students have three repast meal as morning, noon and midafternoon.

The schedule of National Education Ministry is applied in this baby farms where the teachers graduated from Child Development High Schools are worked. The children having weekly drama, ballet – gymnastic, folklore and ceramic lessons go to cinema and theatre once a month.

The children that visited the Rahmi Koç Museum in October gained the title of first baby farm students coming to this musem.

The ends of term activities are also exciting for students. In this organization, each students has a role and their parents share this happiness and excite.